Al Murray Marketing Design

Catalogs - I love creating catalogs!
Diverse bits of information are organized into a form that is efficient, consistent and respondable for the customer, while maintaining a reliable corporate character. My long experience with Building & Construction Materials helped in proofreading. Print and Digital.

Product Catalogs Installation & Spec Sheets Logo & Corporate ID Packaging Illustration Promotion Big Box Retail Icons & Symbols

Drywall Catalog Page

Drywall, Flashing & Ventilation Catalog - 24 pages. All illustrations are consistent and to scale.

Home Depot Special Order Catalog

The Home Depot Special Order Catalog - Metal Roofing with Flashing Trim. Way back in 2009!

Master Halco Pool Catalog

Master Halco Pool Fencing Catalog - Known for utilitarian chain link fencing, this catalog provides secure & stylish options for backyard pools.

Master Halco Pool Catalog

Three Different Companies - Combined into one consistent catalog aesthetic.