Al Murray Marketing Design

Packaging - It’s the last marketing contact standing between your product and a customer purchase. The design has to impart all relevant sales cues while conveying trust and reliability.

Product Catalogs Installation & Spec Sheets Logo & Corporate ID Packaging Illustration Promotion Big Box Retail Icons & Symbols

RSC Packaging Mock Up

Pre-Production Mock-Up - As details become clearer a package design evolves. A mock-up helps stakeholders visualize the changes better than flat dielines.

Clean Mesh Logo Upgrade

Direct-to-Cardboard Printing - DTC Printing has advantages and limitations that need to be considered for a successful product.

CMI Carton Array

Retail Cut-Case Packaging - This series contains thousands of products, in 3 categories. The packaging is economically designed to work on Big Box shelving.

Pavement Pro Packaging & Logo

Laminated Cardboard Packaging - Laminating pre-printed paper onto cardboard allows for more detail and color options.